Due to technological advances, rapid changes frequently occur in consumer demand for products. Design a basic system for minimizing supply/demand mismatch in a smartphone manufacturing company. Analyze the important factors that must be monitored (200 words)

Triple A Supply Chain - Research Seven Eleven Japan (SEJ) and review at least two of the case studies that are available online regarding this company. After you have become familiar with the company and its history, state and defend your hypothesis about why SEJ was able to achieve alignment in its supply chain. What were some of the elements that enabled this enterprise to successfully align its supply chain partners? Is it possible to achieve the same effect in other companies if some of these elements are missing? (200 words) Use a diagram to show and explain the relationships between channel participants in the SEJ supply chain.

Search for a current event or current issue impacting global business. Discuss ways in which that event or that issue is the result of or impacted by socio-cultural processes. Throughout your discussion, consider how awareness of globalization or survey and modeling tools help you to better understand socio-cultural processes and impacts. (250 words).

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Answer 1:
The smartphone market is very competitive as there are several players such as Apple, Samsung, etc. and the manufacturer needs to establish their own distinctive competitive advantage in the form of lower costs or customized phones and services. As such, the pre-order system is suggested in which the customers would place demand and the company would assemble the parts and provide it to the consumer within a specified timeframe. This strategy was also used by Apple to sell iPhone 3GS so as to match supply and demand (Keizer, 2009). It is important to...

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