Write a 1250-word analytical paper that dissects the relationship between globalization and democracy. You have examined globalization already through a cultural and economic lens. What remains is to look at it through the political lens. Most analyses discuss how Western concepts of democracy flow through globalization, communicating American principles and values to non-Western societies. Some see this as a great positive, others as a detriment.

This analysis, however, asks you to do something different: examine the political flow of ideas within globalization IN REVERSE. In other words, examine and explain just how globalization creates a two-way street in idea exchange and is not just a one-way route. Do this by finding and elaborating real-life examples in your personal world that give evidence to this process: in what ways does your own life and the way you like to live it reflect and is influenced by ideas/concepts/worldviews that are NOT native to your local region but in all likelihood came down to you because of how interconnected the global system is today.

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Globalization has led to integration of different economies and it has also caused synchronization of economic, financial and political forces across different economies. One of the important consequences of globalization has been an increase in the number of democratic economies. As mentioned by Schwartzman (1998), the number of democracies across the world has increased from 39 economies in 1974 to 66% of the economies in 1996. Democracy can be defined as a form of Government in which the citizens elect their representatives to manage the affairs of the nation. It is expected that the democratic Government would lead to national welfare in the best manner since the Government is answerable directly to the public. However, critics hold the opposite view that globalization has led to decline in the benefits of democracy. This essay presents an analysis of the impact of globalization on democracy.
Positive impact of globalization on democracy
Globalization is a process in which the people all over the world can share their ideas and views freely with everyone without any restrictions across domestic borders. Globalization has led to development of democracy since it has led to better education of people and has also increased...

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