In Triple-A supply chains, the "Umbrella Approach" to supply chain management incorporates qualitative and quantitative perspectives when considering supply, distribution, inventory management, and customer satisfaction practices and measures. It is an end-to-end process that begins with obtaining raw materials and typically finishes with customers receiving finished goods.

Each year, the publication Industry Week presents a list of its picks for the top 25 supply chains of that year. In 2013, the company Inditex was ranked 14th in this listing. For this assignment, research Inditex’s supply chain strategy and evaluate it in terms of at least three quantitative measures and at least three qualitative measures. What improvements would you recommend in each of the areas you chose to assess? Defend your recommendations using supporting data.

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The supply chain of any company can be analyzed on the basis of its responsiveness to consumer demands. The Spanish clothing retailer, Inditex, which owns the fast-fashion chain Zara, has attempted to redefine supply chain management strategies so as to provide fashionable clothing on a very fast basis. There are several aspects which have been controlled by the company...

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