Write a 700-word analytical essay that encapsulates the literature critiquing the globalization process. One of the fundamental issues hindering American understanding of these critiques is an inability to place oneself outside of the ‘Western comfort zone’ ideationally and culturally. In this shorter final essay, you are to attempt to place yourself in the shoes of a citizen of a non-Western nation fully engaged within the global interdependent community. How is life improved from this engagement? How is it altered and changed? Can a value judgment be put on those alterations and changes? What if similar adaptations were made in your own personal life here in America? Would you be easily able to consider those changes ‘positive’ and ‘progressive’ or would you be tempted to identify them as ‘threatening’ or ‘invasive’? You may choose a specific empirical case or remain at a more theoretical/philosophical level when building your argument. The key to this analysis is to produce a subtle and nuanced appreciation of the ‘other’ and to make connections with perspectives and worldviews that are not intuitively your own.

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The advent and growth of Information technology has led to globalization and liberalization which has led to integration of the economies located across the world. It has led to removal of trade barriers so that free trade can take place and there is free flow of goods, services and information. Globalization had positives as well as negatives. While it may seem positive to some people, some people find it as negative and oppose the forces of globalization. In the US itself, we, the individuals, feel that globalization has led to job losses for...
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