For this summative assignment, prepare a comprehensive supply chain process framework for a fictitious smartphone manufacturing company based in the U.S., with suppliers and customers in Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, and Australia. Be sure to integrate the umbrella approach to supply chain management into your framework and address all of the typical processes normally included in managing the supply chain. Use one of the SCOR process flow charts available on the Web to create a chart illustrating the processes for your company

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Supply chain management is becoming increasingly important as organizations are accessing a global market base and supplier base. This report presents an analysis of the expected supply chain activities of a smartphone manufacturer. The company is headquartered in USA, but it has been selling its products as well as sourcing the supplies from various countries such as Canada, Mexico, France, Australia and Germany which are situated across different continents. The main advantage of this globalized approach is that the company can access cheaper resources and decrease its total costs of production by catering to a large target market. However, one of the biggest challenges would be coordinating and integrating the activities of all these companies in different economies. Geographical distance and time differences further complicate the process of supply chain management. As such, it is important for the company to identify its supply chain activities and use a globalized approach to manage its entire supply chain. The umbrella approach has been suggested to manage the supply chain in an effective and efficient manner.
Umbrella approach to supply chain management
The supply chain activities include all the activities which are associated with the manufacture and delivery of the products to the end consumers. In case of this smartphone manufacturer, the supply chain activities comprise of procuring the materials from the suppliers and converting them to finished goods which can be...
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