When a student is hired part time to a large company, they are given a manager and become part of a team in a specific area of the business. The students usually don’t get much exposure to other important functions of the business or even meet other people working within the very same company. However the creation of Resource Sharing Network that would help students in the company branch out to other manager and teams (other than their own) needing help on specific projects and tasks throughout the company. Sort of like a kiiji or EBay connection demand or supply. For example, I’m a student working in a large oil and gas company in a specific finance department. I have some spare time on my hands as my current manager doesn’t have more tasks for me this week since I finished all of them already. So, I would use this Resource Sharing Network created by the company to seek out any other mangers within needing help on various projects. In turn saving the company money by not hiring external contractor for help and building a networking opportunity and more business exposure to the student.

Create a (2-3) business plan on what this Resource Sharing Network could look like? It could include these ideas:
- Appropriate technology to connect “supply” and “demand”
- How to market this network to students and leaders/mangers
- What would the “matchmaking” experience look like: job description, skills sought, skills wanting to be acquired, etc.
- What would be an appropriate pilot project
- Student ratings on how well they complete the task and whether or not they will be asked to help out on a future task or project.
- How to message this network: avoidance of expensive contractors if possible, backfill periods of availability for students with cyclical work profiles, not to embarrass or shame existing leaders, use of corporate communication tools.

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This report presents a brief description idea of the new business idea of a resource sharing network known as RSN software. This is special software which can be used by enterprises to ensure that all the employees are able to perform to their optimal potential and can understand the various aspects of business. This software seeks to solve the need of optimal resource utilization at organizations and minimizing the free time available to the employees by giving them exposure to...

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