Write a one page paper on the analysis of these three concepts of
Technology assessment.;
1 - The management of Technology, innovation
2 - STIP, Scope, Technology, Impact, & Policy
3 - Strategic Management (SWOT), Internal vs. External.
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

- Include an introduction of the concepts,
- Write up these three steps
- State each concept / element,
- Define the concept / element,
- Discuss (write) the significance of the element. Why is this concept important?


From the given industry case study assigned (TBD). Pick three (3) TA concepts to Analyze and apply to this industry example and how they relate to the Case or if not present in this case study, then how could/should they relate to the case.
1- Case Introduction, 20%
2- Elements explained, A,B, & C
1- State each concept/element
2- Define each concept/element.
3- Explain the significance of each of the concepts/element you have chosen.
3- Conclusion to the case included.
4- Format, layout, and organization.

Write up an intro to the case, explain the elements, and include a conclusion to the case.

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Part 1:

Technology assessment seeks to identify the impact of changes in technology across the organization. There are multiple concepts in this field. First, it is important to manage technology in a manner so that innovation is fuelled across the organization. Technology can be used by organizations in a strategic manner to improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which activities are performed across the value chain. Technology also helps the firm to coordinate with the stakeholders in a better manner. Management of technology can be defined as the process through which the technological needs of the organization are identified and the technological solutions are purchased or developed so as to fulfil the needs. For example, one of the most important needs of every organization has been to obtain complete data in a timely manner. As such, organizations are using systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which helps to store all information on a system that can be accessed by authorized people all across the organization. This helps the organization to take decisions with the help of timely information and develop better operating strategies. Management of technology is important so that the organization can derive optimal value from deployment of technology to its advantage.

The process of technological assessment follows the STIP methodology. S means Scope and in this stage, the areas across which technology can be applied are identified. A firm has scarce resources and so it would be interested to apply technology to areas where it is expected that the maximum benefit can be obtained. The next step T refers to the Technology. In this stage, the firm looks for the available technological solutions so that it can identify the best ones which are in strategic fit with its needs....

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