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1. Read the Harvard Business Review article, “Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines” by Treacy and Wiersma (2000). This article uses examples that are now somewhat dated. Using companies with which you are familiar,(the attached file named CustomerIntimacy.pdf is required to answer this part )
a. Provide an example of a company that exhibits operational excellence today.
b. Provide an example of a company that exhibits customer intimacy today.
c. Provide an example of a company that exhibits product leadership today.

2. Read Ivey case W12290 “Target Systems: Opportunities and Challenges in the Electronic Health Information System Arena.”
a. Assume that you are the CEO for Target Systems. What will you do? That is, will you adopt one of the three recommendations from the consultants, or choose some other course of action?
b. What is the rationale for your choice?
c. What are the implications of your choice for staffing and/or product development?

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Answer 1:
a. Operational excellence refers to the ability of the company to deliver products and services in a fast and cheap manner to the customers on a consistent basis. Wal-Mart has been one such company which has been exhibiting operational excellence as it has remained as the lowest-cost retailer in the world. It is known for providing products and services at the cheapest cost. It has been maintaining high responsiveness and the cases of stock-out are also limited. This is possible due to the large scale and size of operations of the company and effective deployment of IT solutions also. Wal-Mart has diversified its operations so that it can meet various needs of the consumers in one store – from food, clothing, electronics to grocery and eatables. It has been implementing a prudent supply chain management strategy in which it has been sourcing perishable products from local suppliers and products with longer shelf lives are sourced from places where they are available cheapest. It has been sourcing a large variety of products from China where they are available cheaply. It has also developed standardized practices which all the suppliers are expected to abide by and this also ensures that the quality of all the products which are available across all the stores of Wal-Mart are also the same. ...

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