Global Business Paper Writing on a Selected Business: Ideas Google or some type of telecommunications business that is growing in the U.S and expanding worldwide, AT&T. The paper needs to be about current global strategy, foreseen problems and recommended solutions.

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This report is based on the company. Google is the leading search engine across the world and it has earned a strong brand image of being one of the most consumer-friendly brands across the world (Google Inc., 2014). It is directed by the mission of catering to all the information needs of the consumers. Though it had started as a search engine, it has diversified its operations to offer a large range of services such as Gmail, Chrome, Maps, etc. which cater to the varied information needs. However, the IT environment is characterized by ever changing trends and dynamics. As there has been an increasing tendency to use ‘apps’ installed over smart-phones, the browsing habits of consumers are changing and this is expected to affect the revenues of the search giant Google. This report presents an analysis of the current operating environment of the company and the potential problems and strategies for their resolution.
History of Google Inc.
The foundation of the company dates back to 1998 when its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin had incorporated it in Menlo Park, California (Google Inc., 2014). It started...

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