Change Management Critique paper:
1- 1,000-1,500 word, double-spaced
2- spell/grammar-checked
3- analyzing a change reported in the recent news.
1) Explain the reason for the change; 2) analyze the positive and negative aspects of the change—who benefits and who does not? Pay particular attention to the covert or unconscious dynamics behind these change efforts. 3) Cite at least 3 new references (Use APA style).

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The increasing complexity of the operating environment has made it mandatory for organizations to respond to changing conditions in the environment and formulate and implement proactive strategies to capitalize on the opportunities and minimize the effect of threats. Companies are using their strengths so as to create distinguished position for themselves in the consumer minds. The strategies are evolving rapidly so that the business can take advantage of the changes and ensure that they are in line with the changes. Failure to strategize as per the environmental changes can lead to the death of the company, as was seen in the case of Nokia. Nokia was once a global leader in mobile handsets, but it failed to adjust to the trend towards smartphones and as a result, the business model failed. In this report, the ‘Black Friday’ strategy of Wal-Mart, the world’s leading low cost retailer has been discussed and the rationale for the change has also been analyzed.
Analysis of the change in Wal-Mart’s Black Friday strategy
Wal-Mart had been using a one day Black Friday sale to offer discounts to its shoppers. However, this strategy had been causing major stampedes over the last few years...
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