Target case study.

Product: What food categories drive consumer loyalty? How can Target continue to differentiate its assortment while ensuring guests find the brands they expect? What role should regionalized food preferences or specialties play in each store’s food assortment?

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Consumers exhibit variety seeking behavior when it comes to food items. As per Evolution Insights (2011), food and grocery shoppers are not loyal to any brand. In fact, they tend to make their purchase from a group of brands they are familiar with. As an example, if the consumer wants to buy any carbonated drink, he or she may select from popular and known brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc. They make their selection from a set known as brand consideration. The main concept here is that consumers look for items which appeal to their taste buds and are nutritious also. So they compare the offerings of known brands and then make their purchase decision. The lower switching costs also explain their lack of brand loyalty....

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