Question 1. (TCO 2) List at least FOUR sources you will use to obtain information about the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Discuss what categories of the SWOT elements of information are readily available on the Internet. What categories of data are difficult or impossible to find on the Internet? (When using the Internet, be sure to provide specific websites or URLs.)
NOTE: You cannot use Wikipedia or another type of information-sharing website as a source for the SWOT. (Points: 20) (Points : 20)

Question 2. (TCO 2) Rate, from the best to the worst, each of the sources you indicated in #1 above as being sources you will use in your analysis in terms of its probable reliability. Discuss the steps and/or actions you can take to validate the reliability and accuracy of the information you obtain. (Points : 20)

Question 3. (TCO 2) As a manager, how confident would you be in basing strategic decisions on the information that you’ve obtained online for the SWOT?
What other sources of information can you use to effectively complete the SWOT Analysis?
How can you check or cross-check the accuracy of some of the information?
How could regulations such as The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (see the link under Webliography) assist in ensuring the accuracy of the information? How confident are you about the accuracy of the information in your SWOT analysis? Why or why not?
(5 points per brief discussion of each question) (Points : 20)

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Answer 2:
I think that the most reliable source of information would be the 1st report since it is a research report and it also provided the source of information. It was easy to access those sources and check the accuracy of the information. The second best source is the management and financial report from Audi. This is because these reports are audited also and as per the regulations, companies cannot make false statements on this report also. The information is accurate since the financial statements are verified by an independent third party and an analysis of the report would also help to identify the cash flows position which are less subject to manipulation compared to profits. An analysis of the cash flows position can indicate the success of the strategies and this serves as a rich source of information.
The third best information source is the report on Information week. This is because research was conducted to determine which car is hackable and this report is also validated by the researchers....
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