Answer the following questions:

1. Your text identifies four situations that often spur misunderstandings due to a lack of information. Discuss each of these four situations.

2. Compare and contrast Fayol's theory with the theory advocated by Taylor.

3. Compare and contrast the differences between human relations theory and human resource theory. Pay particular attention to what Miles described as the greatest difference.

4. List and define the three type of conflicts that exist within an organization.

5. Discuss the factors that serve as impediments to organizational learning and how these impediments can be overcome.

6. List the three common characteristics of organizational culture.

7. What does systems theory have to offer the study of misunderstandings? Provide an example you have been reading about in the news.

8. Briefly compare the culture-as-variable perspective with the culture-as-root metaphor perspective.

9. Discuss Senge's concept of leadership in a learning organization

10. What benefit does an understanding of critical theory offer to you as a future organizational member?

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1. Misunderstandings occur due to these reasons:
a. Some of the information is not mentioned to the newcomers either intentionally or accidentally.
b. Geographical constraints can also give rise to misunderstanding since as information passes along several points, there is distortion of facts.
c. There are gaps due to difference in hierarchies of the individuals.
Communication technology is used that removes the information cues...
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