Discuss the general background of this issue:
What it is? who is affected, what groups and individuals? how is it different in different cultures?
Discuss this issue in relation to business- how does diversity affect business communication; what are some cultural barriers to communication; what are the challenges from a global perspective.
Discuss your own personal examples (things you've seen or encountered) related to this issue of diversity.

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With the globalization of businesses, there has been an increase in the size of the employee base. Companies are increasingly higher local employees in the economies where they are expanding operations so that they can optimize the cost of operations. This has led to diversity in the workforce. Hankin has defined diversity as the inclusion of people coming from different background, age groups, sex, culture, race, origin, background, ethnicity, etc. (67). Diversity management is becoming increasingly important as companies are hiring different employees from different parts of the world....
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