Answer the following questions.

3. Briefly explain the three reasons for maintaining an acceptable relationship between subordinates and supervisors.

6. Discuss the positive consequences of workplace friendships.

7. Discuss the interpersonal needs filled by teams. Include in your answer the importance of fulfilling these needs.

8. Discuss the role norms play on a team. Provide an example from your own experience where norms where used either effectively or ineffectively.

9. How does conflict help avoid the situation known as "groupthink"?

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Answer 3:
It is very important that the relations between supervisors and subordinates are good for the following reasons:
• This would facilitate communication and the communication would take place in a free and unrestricted manner since they would feel comfortable with each other and would be exchanging ideas and thoughts.
• It would fuel innovation across the organization since the subordinates would not fear that they may go wrong and they would be willing to take the risk of coming up with new ideas which may fail also. They can discuss and brainstorm to make the idea workable and this would increase the speed with which problems are solved in the organization. The supervisors can also delegate tasks and spend less time on managing people only....
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