Write an essay about Social media.
part1- what is it? who is involved, what groups, individuals, businesses, countries.. how is it used both individually and professionally? how is it accessed? use specific examples
part2- how does social media impact society as a whole, specific institutions, and individuals? give specific examples of both business practices and political uses
part3- discuss your own personal insights how do you use social media, what have you seen, what ideas do you have related to the present and future of social media

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Social media
The Internet has brought a revolution in the ways communication has been taking place across the world. It has led to reduction of geographical boundaries and its increasing penetration across the world has made it easy to communicate. One such growing use of Internet has been the prevalence of social media which is helping people and businesses connect better.
Social media – An overview
Warburton has defined social media as the group of applications which are based on the Internet and have been developed along the foundations of Web 2.0 (39). The main advantage is that it facilitates in the origination as well as exchange of information that has been generated by the user in a simple manner. Social media has a holistic approach and it spans the entire world including individuals, businesses and Governments....

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