Answer the following questions that relate to the Chapter 2, of the The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book), by Don Miguel Ruiz.

1. (I) Think of a poison or gossip that you received from someone or gave to someone through gossip? and (II.)How are you willing to break it and have a new agreement?

2. What is the book referring or mean when talking about " impeccable with your words"?

3. Name 3 new agreements that you would plant and grow about yourself?

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I would like to talk about gossip I received from my friend. My friend told me that another of our friend was leaving the country and so he would not be coming to school any more. It happened suddenly and so he did not get time also to notify others about this change. He was busy packing and so he had not come to school also. Since the friend was absent, I decided to verify it by asking the friend himself about the reason for his absence from school....
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