Write an essay and make a short presentation on the subject of Office Stress. Outline the factors which could contribute to employee stress in the Workplace. Discuss what possible measure is applicable to reduce the employee’s stress.

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“Chronic job strain can put both your physical and emotional health at risk,” says Paul J. Rosch, MD, the president of the American Institute of Stress.
Stress can affect anyone at any level of the business and recent research conducted by the Health and Safety Executive identified that work related stress is widely spread and is not confined to particular sectors, jobs or industries. Work-related stress can be defined as the adverse reaction which is displayed by people when they are required to cope with excessive pressures and other types of demand that are placed on them at work. From this definition, it is apparent that stress occurs when a person is burdened with a lot of work that cannot be managed by the employees. Stress is experienced when employees feel that the situation is out of their control, as said by Melnick Forbes....

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