Please write a 5 page journal diary based on the instructions below. The duties at the internship are to manage social media branding and marketing, work with the business development team on handling relations of new clients and do a research in equity markets. When writing this journal I want you to give the most positive impression.
You are to keep a journal (diary) that captures the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of your internship position. Your journal should also record any significant problems or issues that surface during the term of your internship. You should record how these problems or issues were resolved. In addition, your journal should record the most important things you feel you learned during that week.

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As goes the adage – ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’, the relevance of all knowledge acquired and learnt during the theoretical courses are very useful when we enter the corporate world. I have completed 5 weeks during my internship at and it has been a great learning experience for me till now. By now, I have worked across all the different departments of the organization and now I have realized that my core area of interest has been marketing. Accordingly, over my next weeks, I would be working in the marketing department and my primary duty was to manage the social media and branding relations of the company.
Marketing has been a very critical activity since it aims to attract consumers towards the company. slightly suffers from late mover advantage since there are many established companies such as Reuters, EuroMonitor, etc. that have also been providing financial research information and data. As such, I had to work in a highly competitive environment and we had to come up with very innovative strategies to attract consumer’s attention and get visibility in the marketplace.
One of my biggest challenges has been to maintain an ethical view-point in all my dealings with the consumers. The branding efforts of the company can have a significant effect on the sustainability of the business since this determines the reliability of the brand as viewed by the consumers...
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