Be sure to fully explain your answers to each of the following questions.

Chapter 11 – Designing Organizations

1. Locate a copy of an organizational chart of your company, division, or department. If you do not have access to an organizational chart, you can find examples of organizational charts on the Internet searching for the term “company organizational charts.” What type of organizational structure does the organization currently have? Is the structure functional, geographic, product, network, or a hybrid? Is it mechanistic or organic? How effective is the current structure? Could or should it be more organic? What changes would you make if you were a top executive? Explain why.
Organizational structure?
Functional, geographic, product, network, or a hybrid?
Mechanistic or organic?
Effective? Changes? Explain:

Chapter 12 – Guiding Organizational Change and Learning

2. Is the way you react to innovation and change a fixed aspect of your personality? Do you think you can develop the competencies needed to be effective in organizations experiencing change? Explain. Describe a situation in which you resisted change. Why did you do so? What were the consequences of your resistance?
Reaction to change fixed?
Can competencies be developed?
Situation resisting change? Why? Consequences:
Chapter 13 – Managing Human Resources

3. The text states that in order to gain “sustainable competitive advantage” companies need “employees who add value, employees who are rare, and an approach that cannot be copied.” Table 13.1 on p. 424 shows some of the major areas of managing human resources and the shared responsibilities for each of these areas. Which, if any, of these HR areas does your company use to gain and sustain competitive advantage? Give specific examples. If you don’t think your company is using these HR areas to gain and sustain competitive advantage, what changes in HR policies/processes would you recommend and why?
HR areas used to gain and sustain competitive advantage? Examples:
If not, what changes?

Chapter 14 – Motivating Employees

4. Identify: Where do you see yourself on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and why? Where do you see the “average American” on that same hierarchy and why? Pick any other country and place that country’s “average citizen” on the hierarchy and explain why. If you see differences among these 3 answers, explain the reasons. (example: differences between your answers and the “average American”)
Yourself on Maslow’s Hierarchy? Why?
“Average American” on that same hierarchy? Why?
Other country’s “average citizen” on the hierarchy? Why?
Differences among these 3 answers? Explain:

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Chapter 11:
In the organizational chart shown below, the structure is functional structure since   the tasks are grouped on the basis of the tasks performed within one function. As an example, all the tasks pertaining to sales and marketing are grouped together to form one department that is headed by the sales and marketign manager as shown.
The structure is mechanistic since the lines of authority have been established in a rigid manner and the reporting patterns are also the same. The span of control is low for the managers, which means that the organization is more concerned about micro-management....

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