Write a Marketing business plan for “Ready - to - eat” Meals Business.

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As there has been an increase in opportunity cost associated with staying at homes, an increasing number of individuals are in employment. Traditionally, females used to stay at home and do the household work such as cooking, etc. However, the rising opportunity costs have made it important for females too to work and due to this people have less time for household activities. Eating right has also become very important since there is a growing incidence of various diseases and individuals are looking for meal options that would meet their nutritional requirements and take a less charge on their time also. This has created the need for “Ready-to-eat” meals. The current meals available do not comply with the nutritional standards and as per a study conducted by Winterman (2013), less than 1 of the 100 ready-to-eat meals available comply with the nutritional standards set by WHO. There exists an unmet need in the market and this new business seeks to cater to this unmet need and create a strong brand image...
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