Choose an article from the media that pertains to a concept from Weeks 1-4. This could be an article about a company that is failing due to their quality procedures, competitive advantage, performance excellence, etc. The article should be no more than 6 months old. Using your course materials and outside research, describe the issue that the company is facing.
Provide suggestions for change and describe how you might improve the company overall.
Your paper should be a minimum of four (4) written pages and should be supported by a minimum of four (4) resources. Your paper should follow APA format.

Discussion Question
Customer-Supplier Relationship
Performance excellence is essential in establishing quality customer-supplier relationships. Review the article “Using Social Technologies for Competitive Advantage: Impact on Organizations and Higher Education.” This article will provide you a detailed look at how social technologies play a role in establishing relationships. As a manager, do you feel that the use of social technologies can benefit your organization? Do you feel business relationships can be established and maintained using social technology? Explain your thoughts in depth.
Your initial response should be a minimum of 150 words. Your work should be in your own words and should include research to support your response.

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As there has been an increase in competition across organizations, it has become imperative for companies to adhere to high quality standards so that they can sustain their operations. Quality can be defined as anything which is perceived to provide value to the consumer. The values can be real or imaginary. However, it should be something that the customer is willing to pay for (Ficalora & Cohen, 2009). There are many attributes which are associated with good quality. One of the basic and most important characteristics of quality has been conformance to safety standards and the products should be fit for consumption. In this report, the product recalls undertaken by Kraft have been analyzed. Kraft Foods is a reputed consumer packaged foods and beverage industry and has been facing the issue of product recalls several times. One of its latest recalls has taken place in March 2015 and this report would present an analysis of the problem followed by application of total quality management strategies to prevent recurrence of the issue.
Problem definition
Kraft Foods is a reputed brand in the industry of consumer packaged foods and beverages. As per Izadi (2015), the company has been recalling its cases of macaroni and cheese with an original flavor since it is expected that these boxed may have...
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