Answer the following questions, considering the chapter "The second Agreement: Don’t take anything personally”, of the book "The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)" by Don Miguel Ruiz.

What is personal importance? (Based on what the book is talking about)
What wounds do you still have open that people can easily poisoned without intentionally doing so?
What poisons have you taken from other people and how can you make a new agreement to the specific poisoned?

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Personal importance is based on the assumption that “I” am the most important and everything that is taking place is due to me or for me. In this, the individual considers himself or herself to be the sole driving force behind all actions and as such, it is also considered as display of selfishness by the individual. It has been suggested by the author to refrain from taking things personally since this leads to poisoning of the mind and brings in a state of discomfort. The views and opinions of people are different and everyone has their own opinion about the way things are occurring. We should not be guided by others thoughts and views and respect them since we cannot do anything about it. The case of the half glass water can be considered here. Some people see a glass half full of water and say that it is half full. Some people say that it is half empty. On the other hand, optimists would say that the glass is 100% full, but it is 50% full of water and 50% full of air...
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