Work on the following tasks:

1. Discuss whether the location of the ad is appropriate for the target market. From each magazine, choose one ad that you think is interesting. Discuss whether the magazine from which the ad was taken was an appropriate place for the ad (that is, is the target market for the product likely to be the typical reader you just described). Describe what about the ad reflects or does not reflect the target market.

2. In this section, you should compare and contrast the different ads analyzed. Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate how ads aimed at different target markets differ in their content and placement.

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Answer 1:
The first magazine was Elle and the ad was about Tresemme which was placed in the middle of the magazine on the right page. Tresemme is a hair product which has been used by people to look beautiful and the target market is thus beauty-conscious people who are willing to invest in products so as to look attractive. Accordingly, the ad has been correctly placed in the Elle magazine since it is also about beauty and style and the readers who want to portray themselves as trendy use this magazine to learn about current trends and develop their style accordingly. The magazine is also expensive and the readers also read it with interest. The placement of the ad in one complete page is expected to attract attention of the readers due to its broad placement...
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