Project to be one of the following choices
1. Your company has been hired to lift an existing wood frame building (24’ x 32’ with a 5’ x 10’ porch one of the long sides) and oversee the installation of a new basement after the environmental clean-up has been completed.
The building utilized an oil fired forced air furnace (in the basement) with supply and return ductwork to each room and a few months ago, the 610 litre fuel oil tank (also located in the basement) started leaking and draining into the basement. As a result, the fuel eventually seeped into the surrounding soil and has to be removed.
The existing basement is poured concrete with a poured concrete floor. The walls are 8” thick and the floor is 4” thick. All must be removed.
The new basement will be a Preserved Wood Foundation (PWF) with 4” thick concrete floor.
The tank contained approximately 550 litres before the leak started and is now empty.
Once your firm has raised the building sufficiently, the excavation will occur and the soil will be removed to an appropriate location.
The owner has asked that you provide a sketch of how the building will be lifted and supported. The owner also wants to know how long the project will take and what it will cost.
When the last of the contaminated soil has been removed, the construction of the new basement can begin.
As soon as the basement is constructed and able to accept the weight of the building, your firm is to lower the building onto the new basement, install the furnace and all associated ductwork, a new oil tank outside on an appropriate concrete pad complete with new piping to the furnace and remove all required lifting equipment and finish the final grading of the site.
Please note that the occupants of the building will remain in the building during the clean-up and construction process. Therefore all utilities are to remain operational as long as possible and if any or all of them need to be disconnected temporarily, they are to be reconnected as soon as possible.
The construction/demolition is to start May 1 and since the nights get cold, the heat must be connected to the house to keep the occupants comfortable during the construction/demolition.
Focus your attention for this assignment on your firm’s involvement (lifting and lowering the building, disconnecting and reconnecting the utilities and basement construction) but also consider the other companies that are involved and their tasks in your project planning.

2. Your company has been hired to install a second floor on an existing single level cottage at a nearby lake (383 kilometres from Thunder Bay). The cottage was built in two portions; the first portion was constructed in 1948 and the second portion in 1964. Both portions are supported by concrete blocks stacked up under the support beams.
You must evaluate whether the existing concrete block posts can support a second floor or whether a basement should be installed under the existing cottage. If the existing concrete posts are acceptable to support a second floor on the building, what enhancements to the posts are recommended? If the posts are not suitable for the extra mass of the second floor, what are the alternatives?
The existing cottage is 48 feet x 24 feet with a roof slope of 4/12. The existing cottage was built using rafters instead of engineered roof trusses. The new roof structure will be engineered trusses.
The cottage will be available for the duration of the project. However, the owner needs to know how long the project will take and what the costs will be.
The new second floor is to be built to the current Ontario Building Code (OBC) including the required ventilation, insulation, vapour barrier and drywall installed on the walls and ceiling.
Since this cottage has been in the family for many years it has many priceless antiques inside and the owner does not want them moved from the site. You must devise a method to protect the valuable antiques during construction.
The owner wants to save as much of the removed material as possible in order to use the salvaged materials to construct another building on the site. The existing electrical services need to remain operational as long as possible.
Dispose of the building waste at a licensed disposal site (landfill). The new construction is to be built to the current Ontario Building Code.
Focus your attention for this assignment on your firm’s involvement (building the second floor, removing the existing roof, evaluating the existing block post foundation) but also consider the other companies that are involved and their tasks in your project planning.

3. Your company has been hired to disconnect / remove two 25kVA transformers from a remote hydro substation, dispose of the existing transformers and supply / install a single new 65kVA transformer. The existing transformers contains PCB’s as a coolant and are to be delivered to an approved storage facility 982 kilometres away in a different province.
The existing transformers have a mass of 2752 kilograms each. The new transformer has a mass of 1420 kilograms.
Due to the mass of the existing transformers, only one can be put on a truck at a time for removal.
The site is 34 kilometres east of Nipigon Ontario and is accessible by a very narrow single lane road that is 28.7 kilometres long (between Highway 17 and the site). Since the road winds around and between lakes, there is nowhere to turn around or to pass anyone except at either end of the road. Travel time on the single lane road is approximately 69 minutes.
The existing transformers are housed in a small concrete block building that was constructed after the transformers were installed. (The door is too small to remove the transformers). The new transformer will, however, fit through the door but is too long for the building.
The new transformer will be installed on the set of existing concrete pedestals inside the building.
Any and all materials not needed on the site (waste or scrap) are to be transported to the local landfill site in Nipigon. Fees for the landfill are $300/load.
Since this is a necessary upgrade to the site, the client wants to know how long the project will take and what the estimated costs will be. Also, the client has a number of sites similar to this one to upgrade and if your explanation of how you are going to do the project, is satisfactory, your firm will have a good chance and getting the future upgrades.

4. Your company in Thunder Bay, has been asked to supply (purchase and deliver) 78,000 litres of Hydrocloric acid (HCl) for a mining company to a remote location. The remote location is road accessible and has a small airstrip 27 kilometres away.
The remote site is located 128 kilometres north of Armstrong Ontario. The site is accessible via an all-weather road from Armstrong that will only hold a total vehicle mass (vehicle, driver and cargo) of 7,810 kilos. The available tanker vehicle has an empty mass of 1725 kilos.
There is only one tanker vehicle available to travel the road between the site and Armstrong. The average speed on the road is 52 kilometres/hour.
The road between the site and the airstrip is a narrow gravel road where the average speed is 37 kilometres per hour. The same vehicle as described above is to be used between the airport and the remote location.
The only available aircraft to haul this chemical can contain only 4725 litres per load and can only fly during daylight hours.
This chemical is vital to the continued success of the mining project and it is very important that it be delivered to the remote location as quickly as possible. The client has apologized for the delay, but they need the chemical delivered in 3 days from when the order is given to start the project.
You can assume that there is sufficient storage at the site for all the required chemical. At the time of the RFQ, the pump was operational on the tanker truck. It takes approximately 47 minutes to fill or empty the tank.
The client needs to know before the work starts, how long it will take to get the required chemical to the site and what the estimated costs are.
Since you are doing this project on a fixed fee basis (your firm will only get paid a certain amount of money) you need to get the chemical delivered in the most cost effective method.

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Projects are defined as sequence of activities which are undertaken to achieve a specified objective within the stated time and cost parameters. Project management refers to the task of managing such projects so that it can be completed in an efficient and effective manner. The process begins with formulation of project team followed by development of the project plan. The plan is then implemented and managed using the control strategies so that it can be accomplished as desired. This report is based on the project of lifting the existing wood frame building, doing the environmental clean-up and managing the process of installation of new basement. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that all utilities are operational during the process of the project implementation. The project objectives have been specified along with identification of constraints and the project plan has been accordingly developed.
Project objectives & constraints
The project has been undertaken with the following goals:
• Lifting the existing wood frame building,
• Environmental clean-up so that soil can be removed to another location
• Development of the basement so that it can handle the weight of the building
• Lowering the building in the new basement and completing the final grading....
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