Overview: 53% of Canadians Say they participate in things like prayer or mediation at least monthly. • 32% of Canadians attended a religious service at least once a month. 60% of Canadians report they are moderately or highly religious.   Organizations that encourage spirituality as part of their culture are bound to have more positive bottom lines, as everyone in the organization will act more ethically.
The topic can be highly controversial, as some people will immediately assume spirituality and religion are the same but it is not true. Employees have been looking for more meaning, which may be some of the drive toward spirituality. The characteristics of a spiritual organization and criticisms of organizations that embrace spiritual values need to be examined.   

Work to do: Students need to carry research on Spirituality in workplace and answer the following questions;
1. How do religion and spirituality relate to each other?
2. What are the reasons for the growth in spirituality in the workplace?
3. Describe organizational models for fostering spirituality.
4. What are the characteristics of a spiritual organization?
5. How might you address the criticisms of spirituality in the workplace?

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Answer 1:
Pargament (2013) has stated that religion and spirituality play an important role in shaping the mental health of the individuals. While spirituality is engrained in the individual from birth, religion helps to kick these attributes and promote awakening in the individual. They collectively help the individual to determine what is right and wrong and also understand the implications of their decisions so that the decision makers act in an ethical and value-adding manner. As an example, religion creates the fear of God and therefore people try to refrain from bad actions. On the other hand, spirituality creates a positive feeling and accomplishment for doing something good and this encourages the individuals to act in the righteous manner...
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