Answer some critical questions from a personal standpoint what YOUR own personal insights were. Use material like Business Model Canvas to highlight your insights.

● What is an entrepreneur?
● What is the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activity in society?
● What types of entrepreneurs are they?
● What type do you think you are?
● What are the characteristics, skills and traits that are necessary to be an entrepreneur?
● What’s entrepreneurial skills do you have or have gained from your time on the module or in life.
● Describe the experience of working in a team?
● Describe your personal insights from working on ideas?
● Describe your personal insights from your experiences on the module.
● Describe your personal insights validating an idea with real customers in the market.
● Describe your personal insights about using the business model canvas.
● Use prototypes, slides, business model canvas and other resources to enhance your reflection and insights.

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In this rapidly changing world, change can be said to be the only thing constant. Consumer needs and wants are evolving on a consistent basis. An entrepreneur can be defined as a person who proactively understands the changes in needs of the individuals and develops products to meet those needs. Entrepreneurs are innovative and come up with new ideas so that consumer satisfaction can be maximized. They play a very important role in the society since they bring in different things and ideas and promote growth of business also. One of the most famous entrepreneurs has been Steve Jobs. His innovation of iPod had revolutionized the music industry and led to the emergence of a new range of products and services. The impact is that the lives of consumers becomes easier as they access better products and services developed through innovation and invention...
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