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Do a two-page write-up discussing the learning points of the following video on Youtube: "Critical Mobile Government Innovative Leadership Forum – Sacramento, CA"

The report should be linked to the following topics (Not necessary all of them):
1- Strategy Canvas
2- Corporate Strategy: Corporate Growth
3- Business Model Analysis:Conventional Business Models,Multi-Sided and Long Tail Models
4- Strategy Design and Analysis Summary:A Holistic Framework on Strategic Analysis,A Process model for Strategic Choices
5- Managing the Strategic Execution
6- Sustaining and Disruptive Innovations
7- Innovation & Adaptation:Innovation Strategy
8- Competing & Innovating in Emerging Markets

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The main role of the Government has been to protect the citizens and provide them with services and facilities that would improve their style of living. With the advent of technology, the way in which operations are conducted has changed. There has been a growing need for performance accountability and transparency. As suggested by one of the speakers, citizen engagement is very important since the role of citizens is not just to provide the Big data that can be analyzed though software to make decisions. It is important for the organizations to understand the services that the citizens are consuming and the services that they want to consume so that the organizations can strategize to provide those services in the most effective manner...
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