Write a 550- to 750-word paper describing a situation in which one of the cyber attacks in the Attacks section of Chapter 2 (pp. 63-73) , of the book "Principles of Information Security, 4th Edition. by M. Whitman and H. Mattord, © 2011 Cengage Learning", would cause a serious problem for an organization. Describe the countermeasures for preventing the attack, detecting the attack, or recovering from the attack.

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Information technology has become an indispensable part for any organization. With the help of IT, companies are able to reduce the costs associated with operations and also achieve higher responsiveness and better consumer service. However, every aspect has both benefits and drawbacks. As seamless information is being exchanged over the Internet, there is increased security threat to the protection of the information. One of the most popular ways has been hacking which has become a big issue for companies to protect the integrity and safety of data.

Analysis of hacking strategies
Hacking refers to any activity that results in access of unauthorized users in the system that enables the hackers to either see, steal or modify data. This is a big concern and this affects a large number of industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, etc...
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