Select a document that would be produced by or used by the organizational department your team represents (Human Resource’s).   For example, if your team is ‘marketing’, you might choose to critique a brochure produced by the marketing department of an organization; if your team is ‘maintenance & supplies’, you might choose to critique a sales letter or brochure outlining a new product or service your department might have use for.

Using the analysis model (below), write a critique of your chosen business communication document. Your critique should point out what has been done effectively (including why this is effective), as well as what needs to be improved (or what is lacking). You’ll also want to consider the document’s ease of use (for a hard copy document, consider font type and size, use of colour, and use of images, etc.; for a web-based document, consider the number of links, whether the links work, ability to easily move from the document to linked information and back, etc.).

Following are additional points to consider (this is not the model to use for analysis):
• Is the message appropriate for the primary audience? Secondary audience?
• Is the message clear and easily understood by the audience(s)?
• Are the tone and style appropriate for the audience(s) and purpose?
• Is the message complete?

Analysis Model for Communication Critique

• Why is the message being delivered?
• What outcome or action is desired?
• Who is the primary audience for the message?
• Who is the secondary audience for the message?
• What do you know about the audience(s)?
• Identify characteristics about the audience(s)
• Is there sufficient information for the audience(s) to act?
• Completeness
• Is there too much information?
• Conciseness
• Does the message contain redundant information?
• Is the information clear?
• Clarity
• Is the information specific?
• Concreteness
• Is the information accurate?
• Correctness
• What is the style of the message?
• Is the style of the message appropriate for the purpose and audience(s) identified?
• Courtesy
• Is the style consistent throughout the message?
• What is the tone (attitude) of the message?
• Is the tone of the message appropriate for the purpose and audience(s) identified?
• Is the tone consistent throughout the message?
• Is reader benefit included in the message?
• Consideration
• Is ‘you-attitude’ included in the message? (not using “I”)
• Consideration

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Human resources play a very important role in any organization since they understand the staffing needs and ensure that the organization has the optimal skill set every time. One of the major human resource activities is recruitment and influencing the potential candidates to apply for a position with the company. This report is based on the careers page of a well-known US company, Oracle that serves as the HR department’s communication platform to attract the potential employee base to fill open positions in the company.

Analysis Model
The analysis model has been applied to analyze the content and presentation of the Web page. The website has been designed in an effective and visually appealing manner. However, there are certain attributes which would make it even more effective as discussed in the following sections...
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