Read Chapter 11 (Marketing)
Individual Assignment/Paper: How does eBay business focus on the 4P’s of marketing? (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).
Your textbook uses the less easily remembered "3 P's and a D." For example, does eBay company compete primarily on price, or does it charge a higher price and compete by delivering value via one of the other P's? Does it have a superior distribution network and/or method? Do you perceive any weaknesses in the marketing strategy along any of these 4 dimensions? Your memo should briefly discuss the company's marketing strategy, using ideas and terms learned in Chapter 11.
Write a one-page single-spaced paper responding to this and submit by due date/time. Don't forget APA style.

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eBay is based on the business model of peer-to-peer connection so that the consumers can interact with others and buy and sell products on the basis of their needs and requirements. The differing aspect about this business is that it is based on providing services and the output is not tangible. The marketing activities are focused on serving as a point of interaction for the buyer and seller so that they can indulge in meaningful transaction. There is no storing function since the consumers hold the product themselves. As such, there are no inventory management...
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