Write a personal reflection on the paper "The Vocation of the Business Leader".
1. Think about what you have read.
2. Submit a one-page, single-spaced paper paper describing what you believe are the most important lessons to be learned from this document and why.
3. Come up with two written questions about this document.

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This article is an interesting read since it seeks to combine the preaching of the holy Gospel with the duties and responsibilities of the business leader. As mentioned in page 4, the Gospel states that people who are given great resources should do great things. Therefore, it is the imperative responsibility of the business leader to act in a value-adding manner since they control the resources of the organization. It is their ethical and primary duty to act in the interests of the stakeholders. However, there has been a growth in undesired outcomes such as scandals, income inequality and economic dislocation (pg. 2) which conflict with the common interests of the society. The guiding motive should be to cause the maximum common good and serve the society...
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