Read about the Custom Molds, Inc. case.
Case Background: You work for an outside consultant hired by the company.
Read about the company and include:
Appendix A containing the flowchart of Custom Mold's operations.
Appendix B containing the completed decision-making matrix.

Then, write a Brief:
In many organizations, the "ownership" of the intranet is disputed, underscoring the conflicts between
employees from the communication department and those from IT. In truth, they are equals and need to work together to create and maintain a system. The company owns the intranet and, as with all company assets, it should be leveraged to the company's best advantage The strained tied between
communication and IT need to be eased to facilitate collaborative work key to organizational success.

Origins of the Communication-IT Conflict
The speed with which the Tuternot gained popularity and prominence in business was a major contributor to this apparent conflict between communication and IT. Up to the early '90's for people outside academia or computer science were involved with the Internet and IT professionals created the first company websites.

Improving Relations: Communication and IT
It is incumbent upon communication professionals to use their expertise to work in harmony with IT. The following suggestions can enable them to do just that
I. Develop an understanding of each department's organizational role What is IT responsible for?
2. Learn their language or basic jargon. lt will help save time and on both sides
3. Clarify what is content Communication and I' probably have different definitions of content and standards for content that go with that definition. Be explicit and come to A consensus on this key term.
4. Develop manual commitment. Have year head of communication sit down with their IT counterpart and discuss each department's objectives.
Build Your Cross-functional Team
Following these steps, the company needs to build a cross-functional team (sometimes called a task-force) responsible for the success of the intranet ard website. This team should have its new set of objectives and criteria for success evaluating one another based on these criteria. This way the "ownership" of the intranet and website is settled and members from both departments can pool their strengths to the best advantage of the company

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Business Brief
The foundation of Custom Molds dates back to 1987 when it was founded by father and son Tom and Mason Miller. The company has been focusing on providing customized molds for making plastic parts to the consumers. It has been using the demand-pull and customization strategy in which the demands of the consumers were used to design the specifications of the molds. It had developed a strong...
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