Answer the following questions in regard to "Panera Bread in 2014: Can a Slowdown in the Company's Growth Be Avoided" case study:

1. What are the major problems/issues for the company?
2. What of the five generic strategies is Panera Bread following?
3. Complete a Porters five forces for Panera Bread.

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Answer 1:
Panera Bread has been operating as a strong player in the fast-casual restaurant industry. It is known for the high quality of its baked goods that have the fresh taste. However, the company is facing some financial issues in terms of lower earnings per share than the targets set by management and declining rates of growth of the total sales from new restaurants. Moreover, despite the strong brand image, consumers prefer to eat only 1 of their meals at Panera, despite the addition of options for dinner and lunch meals.
Panera Bread has been opening several restaurants so that it can target a larger consumer base. It has been careful in selecting locations where the consumers have higher levels of income so as to increase the footfall of the consumers in their restaurants. However, the level of sales at new restaurants that have been in operations for less than a year is lower than the standard growth rate. This implies that there is need for higher advertisement so as to spread brand awareness...
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