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Watch Walt Disney Imagineering Video

Write a one-page, single-spaced paper responding to the following,
1. What led The Walt Disney Company to believe that its theme parks would be successful internationally?
2. What stumbling blocks did Disney encounter at the France and Hong Kong theme parks?
3. What are some of the factors complicating international expansion for a brand like Disney?
4. What can a multinational corporation do to mitigate these issues?
Reminder: APA style.

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1. The Walt Disney Company had started its first park in California and this was highly successful. The main reason was that it provided a place where families could spend time together. It was using the concepts of technology and imagination to create a world in which people could enjoy and relax. Parents could take their children to these parks and they could enjoy the stories and lives of the fictional characters created by Disney such as Cinderella, etc. Due to the high demand and success in California, it opened its second park in Orlando, Florida and this park was also successful. Disney perceived the opportunity for international...
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