Research Melissa Mayer’s decision related to Yahoo and telecommuting.

Assume your manager has asked you to write a memo about the change and express your opinion of the decision and why it is a good decision or a poor decision, and explain your reasoning.

The issue is about face-to-face communication vs. email, phone, texting, and video conferencing.

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Telecommuting is an important method of connecting employees in any modern day organization. Telecommuting refers to the practice of allowing employees to work either at home or office to perform the assigned job. As there has been growth in communication technologies such as email, video conferencing, an increasing number of employees are preferring to work from their homes and use these digital age technologies for communicating with other employees and the organization. Melissa Mayer, one of the most popular US working moms CEO, had recently taken a decision to prohibit all practices of telecommuting and has made it mandatory for employees to report to work (Pepitone, 2013)...
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