Write 1 page with very brief descriptions of the main elements of the "CUTCO Corporation" case analysis:
1. Defined problem
2. Brief Description of the situation Analysis and Relevant Information
3. Alternatives and chosen alternative
4. Decision-making and calculations for chosen alternative

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Problem definition
This report is based on the analysis of the company CUTCO Corporation. The vision of the company has been to become the most respected and widely recognized cutlery company in the world. It has its unique product line of cutleries that are well known for their quality. The company has been using the method of direct selling and catalogs to generate sales and promote the brand. It is one of the most famous cutlery brands across North America. It has developed an integrated business model to manufacture and market its own products. As the company strives to grow and increase the size of its revenue base to $500 million or a billion, it needs to take some strategic initiatives to speed the growth of its business model. Though there are various options available, each option has its own set of benefits and drawbacks...
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