Read the "The Team That Wasn’t" case study and answer the following questions:

1 - Use the team effectiveness model and other theoretical concepts discussed in this class to explain what is causing the problems that the FireArt team is experiencing. Make sure that you identify all the causes and explain their impact on the team and its performance.

2 - Which of these problems stem from poor leadership by Eric Holt? Justify your answer.

3 - What actions should Eric Holt and the FireArt team take in order to address the problems and causes identified in questions 1 and 2. Use the theoretical concepts discussed in class to justify your recommendations.

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Answer 1:
This company comprises of a team in which members possess complementary skills. It would be expected that when all the high-performing members would collaborate together, the outcome would be very positive. However, this is not the case with FireArt. An application of the team effectiveness model shows that the company lacks across all the 2 stages of design, internal operations and performance. The first problem is with the design of the team. It is imperative for all members to feel that they need each other’s inputs to come up with an effective cross-functional strategy. Even if one member feels themselves to be superior, it can have a bad impact on the team’s morale. In this case, Randy considered himself superior to all the other members. He held the thought that he could perform optimally alone and he did not believe in working in any team. He wanted his team to simply implement his decisions since he was the leader. This type of attitude is not good for any team. Due to Randy’s attitude, the other team members were also uncomfortable and they expressed their discontent by walking away from the meeting.
Second, there was also problems with the communication patterns of the team. The internal operations are not properly conducted. During the meeting, every member proposed their own recommendations on the basis of their own fields and experience. However, Randy interrupted them in the middle and did not permit them to express their views in an independent manner. He tried to dominate all the other members and dismissed their recommendations using the concept that everything could not be changed to enhance competitiveness. Apart from Randy, all the other members appreciated each other’s recommendations in a positive manner even if they did not like it, as this was important for the effective functioning of the team and discussion of ideas...
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