Read the article See for Yourself Video case.
Then, answer the following questions:
1. What is it about investing that Mansueto discovered is so confusing for the average investor?
2. How does Morningstar Inc. make investing easier for individuals?
3. Why does Mansueto recommend investing early in life, even in high school?

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1. Mansueto had founded Morningstar with the aim of providing accurate and unbiased advice about investment to consumers. Due to the plethora of investment opportunities and the need to diversify, investors are unable to determine the ideal choice for them. As an example, the collapse of Enron Corp had caused losses to the investor since the company became bankrupt. Therefore, those investors who had invested solely in Enron also faced huge losses since the value of their savings got eroded. When investors make investment in any company, they are giving away their savings to the company and getting...
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