Executive Summary concerning eBay, and analyzing company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Executive summary format details and suggestions:
Page 1: A cover page showing company's name and logo.
Pages 2: Write the report in memo form, as with previous memos. The memo part of your report should be at least 1 page using 1.5-spacing. So, the total page count including the cover page will be at least 2 pages. Please use APA style to cite references in-text and on a reference page.
Please first provide an overview of company's operations and policies in the fundamental functional areas we have covered in class: Management.e.g., how people (internal and external) matter to the business, and how the external environment affects it.

Management: Summarize operations--how does company. manufacture its product, or provide its service? Does the company's approach to manufacturing confer a competitive advantage? Has it been growing and hiring, or has it laid-off workers? Any news regarding the firm's operations, or general strategies for competing? Other issues (some you've covered earlier in the course) might include corporate governance; commitment to sustainability and/or diversity; policies; mission; ideals, etc. Comment on any other elements in management that interest you--this could include bold initiatives or positions taken by executives, political maneuvers, scandals, etc.
Then summarize your perception and analysis of company's strengths and weaknesses.

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eBay is an online marketplace that provides the hyper connected consumer with the opportunity to interact with a global base of buyers and sellers. As per eBay Enterprise (2015), the President is Craig Hayman who would be capitalizing on his enterprise technology experience to provide enhanced digital commerce solutions to the consumer. Under his leadership, the company is run by a team comprising...

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