• Each team will select a topic related to the team’s ‘department’ (Human Resources)
• Teams will research the chosen topic and relate that topic to our ‘company’, Mt. Royal Cleaning Inc. (“MRCI”). Parental Leave
• Each team will write a formal report that presents an analysis of the topic and provides a conclusion and recommendations for MRCI.
    • The report will be written for Brenda Lang, CEO (not Brenda Lang, Instructor; there is to be no mention of the course in this report).
• Your report will demonstrate your understanding of the specific topic and the relevance of the topic to MRCI.
• Your research must include at least two sources, the majority of which should be published within the past eight years; however, incorporating more than the minimum number of sources increases the credibility of your claims. You will be evaluated on the reliability and relevance of your sources. Do not use textbooks.
• Write a one to two page report (this excludes the title page, and reference page).
    • Your report must be typed, single-spaced, and properly formatted and documented.
    • Use APA citation format and be careful to correctly document borrowed information (paraphrases, summaries, and quotations).
    • Copies of all sources must be submitted with the report, with borrowed information highlighted.

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Parental Leave
The requirements for parental leave vary across nations. As stated by Budak (2011), Sweden offers up to sixteen months of paid leave while the U.S. offers only 12 weeks of unpaid leaves. Canada falls in the middle of these nations as it has been covering 55% of earnings of new mothers for a period of as long as 50 weeks. However, there is lack of clear designated leaves for fathers. Parental leave can be shared by both father and mother. Quebec had introduced a new plan in which fathers were given five weeks of leave; since both the parents play an important role in the development and upbringing of the child.

Budak (2011) presents the negative costs associated with parental leave in the form of increased costs and complexity to find a new replacement for the temporary period. When an employee goes on parental leave, the company has to pay that employee along with the temporary employee, leading to double costs. Moreover, costs are incurred with recruitment of new employees and training them. Temporary employees also require some form of training and this can disrupt the tasks of organizations in cases of complex jobs. The jobs cannot be filled internally also as everyone have their assigned duties and this would lead to over-burdening the existing employees leading to decline in their morale...
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