High Performance Teaming (HPT): reflect on your previous work on teams, perform both primary and secondary research, develop a listing of key success factors for high performance teams.

1) Personal Experiences with Teams: Based upon your personal experiences with teams, provide a listing of the top 3 characteristics that describe a highly successful team AND the top 3 characteristics that describe a non-successful team
2) Discovery Research Findings on HPT: ability to draw conclusions from at least 2 separate sources regarding high performance teaming.
3) Key Criteria for HPT: Provide a listing of between 5-8 criteria to evaluate a team's ability to achieve HPT status. Make sure these criteria meet the SMART rules (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound).

Did your team achieve status as a high performance team? Why or why not?

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High Performance Teams

Team is defined as a group of people interacting together with mutual effort in a common activity. Teamwork is an action in which a group of people work together efficiently for a common goal.
When it comes to working in teams, the complexity of the work required to be done is a weight too big to be carried out alone, which is why teamwork imposes such a critical key factor of success in the top world companies, daily life, and in education as well. Success of the team demonstrates through the ability of the team members to share a common goal, be trusted and skilled with the subject matter....
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