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Summarize and analyze the case: "Chateau Margaux: Launching the Third Wine".
It should be one page, single space, Microsoft Office compatible. A paragraph or two should summarize the essential elements of the case, and a paragraph or two should analyze it. At a minimum, the analysis should include:
-What does it 'say' about being different?
-How does that translate to being creative in an organization?
-What obstacles can you face when trying to change an organization or industry?
-What do you need to do to overcome these obstacles?

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Chateau Margaux wine comes from Bordeaux region in Southern France. Mentzelopulos family acquired Chateau in 1977. The goals of launching the third wine are for it to be of high quality as the previous two, while maintaining the tradition of the wine. The dilemma at hand has been weather to sell the wine in bulk or within their own brand. Decision requires setting the right price, promotional activities, defining target consumers, defining the brand image and determining the amount to be sold, while maintaining the original brand’s exclusivity. As Margaux wines are considered luxury wines, with high end pricing, the...

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