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Documentation of Learning (DOL): The Documentation of Learning (DOL) is a final individual report that offers both substance and reflection regarding 1) what has been learned 2) how it was learned, and 3) how you will apply this learning in the future. Keeping a journal or process notes during the course is advised. The DOL is to be submitted to the assignment page. This should be no longer than 1500 words.

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This report presents reflection of the course on teamwork and diversity in global business environment, which is to assist for application of the knowledge acquired throughout this course. The workforce diversity in 21st century brings both opportunities and dilemmas. Teamwork is the action in which a group of people work together efficiently for a common goal. The complexity of the work within a team and success of the team is demonstrated through the ability of the team members to share a common goal, be trusted and skilled with the subject matter. Leadership on the other hand is the ability of an individual to influence other and achieve to commit them to a common set of goals. The power of a leader comes from formal and informal sources, which is why leader is a crucial element of creating and sustaining a high performance team. This report is a summary and application of the knowledge acquired throughout this course on leadership, teamwork and workforce diversity.
What has been learned
Firstly I have learned the power and importance of teamwork, and why is it that so much importance is placed...
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