Case Analysis: Read the McDonald's case and write a case analysis using the framework below:
Case Analysis Framework
1. Strategic Profile and Case Analysis purpose
2. Situation Analysis
a. General environmental analysis
b. Industry analysis
c. Competitor analysis
d. Internal analysis
3. Identification of Environmental Opportunities and Threats and Firm Strengths and Weaknesses (SWOT Analysis)
4. Strategy Formulation
a. Strategic alternatives
b. Alternative evaluation
C. Alternative choice
6. Action Plan

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1. McDonald’s sales have sank 1.7% and global profit decreased 21% in the most recent quarter, they are experiencing problems with decreased restaurant traffic, which has decreased. Their menus became more complicated while the market started to demand more healthful food, and started to look for substitutes. Growth of fast-casual chains has disrupted the growth of quick-service restaurants category, the one in which McDonalds is. Main focus of consumers became wellness, and quality and value has been redefined.

Tactics to restore the shine of the golden arches are a new marketing campaign, answering social media questions about food preparation and improving the quality and taste.
Their efforts are including a kiosk in the Southern California and Australia where consumers can create their own burgers from scratch with different meats, buns, condiments and toppings. They simplified the menu and signed agreement to sell coffee in grocery stores.
They as well took steps to diversify by opening a salad and sandwich shop in Australia which has no visible logo or brand recognition of McDonalds arch anywhere.

None of the efforts worked. They need to focus on the value end of the menu instead of pushing premium dishes.
Their efforts are...

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