Jazzed out Deli (JOD) began as a family owned small restaurant in Boerne, TX. The menu consists of cold sandwiches, soups, salads, and fruit. Jazzed out Deli also includes organic foods in their menu. The menu caters to nutrition conscious customers by providing a wide variety of low carb, and low calorie items. They also cater to customer requests by preparing “specialized” sandwiches as ordered by customers. Because Jazzed out Deli was the only deli of its kind in the town of Boerne, business began to grow. The family opted for opening a second deli in San Antonio, TX and a third in Floresville, TX. Their goal was to become known for preparing the “best sandwiches in town”. Soon after opening the second deli in San Antonio, Jason’s Deli, a chain restaurant entered the market of San Antonio.
Jason’s Deli is a large chain restaurant who has won numerous awards from Consumers Choice of Healthy Restaurants. Jason’s Deli also has a larger menu, spends more in advertising, has an on-line presence, provides catering, and delivers food. It was not long before Jazzed Out Deli realized that it was losing its customers to Jason’s Deli. The San Antonio restaurant began to suffer the consequences of lost business.

Question 1
Give Jazzed out Deli advice on a strategy to follow in EACH of their stores (strategic plan) including advice on a generic strategy to implement (low-cost, differentiation, focus or a combination; expound on the chosen strategy). (Requirements: 3+ paragraphs minimum)

Question 2
What do you believe is Jazzed Out Deli’s competitive advantage? (Requirements: 2+ paragraphs minimum)

Question 3
Describe the Five forces (Porter’s) Model of Competition (p. 42-54) occurring in this scenario. List each force, and explain how Jazzed Out Deli has been impacted by EACH of these forces. All 5 forces MUST be analyzed; SEPARATE each force and provide detail (do not bundle the forces in one paragraph). (Requirements: 5+ paragraphs minimum )

Question 4
a) Prepare a SWOT analysis for Jazzed out Deli. Separate each part of this question and clearly title each part. (Requirements: 4+ paragraphs minimum)
Question 5
b) Jazzed out Deli does not have a mission or vision in place. Write a vision and mission statement that conveys the company’s purpose and relates to the operational goals. This is not something you just throw together, but rather statements that identify who you are as a company. What message is the vision & mission sending? DO NOT JUST WRITE a mission and Vision, explain the significance of each statement (requirements: 4+ paragraphs minimum. One paragraph will be the mission statement and one paragraph will be the detailed analysis of the statement, same for the vision).
Question 6
Community Involvement (CSR) is an effective way to gain not only popularity and acceptance, but can also become a competitive advantage. What would you advice this deli shop to do as a good corporate citizen? How do these actions impact JOD. Explain CSR in detail and include the actions to take as a company. (Requirements: 3+ paragraphs minimum)

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Jazz out deli would need to have a low cost / focus strategy the company would need to focus on a 3 year demographic expansion system since they are smaller than their competitor this could be serviced and supported by the company’s operations infrastructure at all their locations. Another important point is that the nature of the narrow target market varies across firms that use a focused cost leadership strategy. In some cases, the target market is defined by demographics.
Claire’s, for example, seeks to appeal to young women by selling inexpensive jewelry,...
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