Case: Corporate Sustainability and Organizational Change - Case Of OMV Petrom

Submit your document in MS-Word. It should be typed page, single space. Address each question / thought below in a separate section with the section heading. Use standard margin and font sizes.

Questions / Thoughts
1. What are the major themes of the case?
2. Explain the Integrative Model, and your opinion of it.
3. Summarize the major issues of the organization.
4. Summarize your thoughts on the utility and impact of the change to the organization.
5. What does this teach you about change?

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Companies need to transform their corporate behavior in order to achieve social responsibility and sustainable development. The case of OMV Petrom examines the organizational change that OMV Petrom undertook in order to achieve sustainable development. To do so, they intended to diversify energy sources and reduce fossil fuel use with a “3plus” strategy. Furthermore a Continuous Organizational Change system is proposed to increase employee’s awareness and accountability. This paper presents a model of organizational change to increase organizational sustainability; it shows an...
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