Write an essay and create a presentation on Global Warming and Tourism as the World’s Largest Composite Industry and their possible implications for leisure.

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Global Warming

Warming of the earth leaves large scale consequences on life, and is related to elevated amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases - which come from human activities, which are polluting the atmosphere. A change of 3°C increase would change all life aspects, while a 3°C drop would start a new ice age. With the warming of the atmosphere low-lying countries would suffer flooding, crops will be destroyed, the threat of diseases would increase etc. Warming of the planet is both an environmental and political issue.
Energy, automobile, farming, shipping, airfreight, banking, tourism and government are all dependent on oil, placing restrictions on consumption of oil and coal, and the global economy would be completely altered. Changes in pH levels have caused rains to be 10 times more acidic as normal, causing dying of the trees. Warmer air holds more moisture, and weather becomes more extreme, with heavy rain and snow and increasingly hotter summers. Fossil fuels – oil and coal – must be replaced by solar, geothermal, wind and other renewable forms of energy. Alaska has warmed significantly, forest disturbances have massively increased, and blow downs from intense windstorms have been occurring....

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