Organizational Activity: Improving Workplace
This assignment supports the following objective(s):
Analyze and describe human relationships and the way group dynamics affect how people work together.
Assignment overview
For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation that could be used to motivate workers and provides suggestions for improving workplace relationships.
Assignment details:
As you know, workplace relations are very important in order to promote and maintain a healthy working environment. Working relationships are very critical and will certainly help to improve organizational results, because people will want to work together to meet common goals. Imagine you have just been hired as a motivational speaker to give a short presentation on the importance of improving workplace relationships.
Perform the following tasks:
1. Create a PowerPoint slideshow you could use at the presentation. Include at least five suggestions on how to improve workplace relations.
2. For each slide, include "Training Notes" that contain the details you will speak about at the presentation.
3. One suggestion per slide along with the reason this is so important for your audience to understand. (Training notes for suggestion slides should be at least 150 words for each slide.)
4. Minimum of eight (8) slides:
a. Slide 1: Introduction to your presentation (Training notes should be at least 100 words for this slide.)
b. Slide 2: Suggestion 1 with reason
c. Slide 3: Suggestion 2 with reason
d. Slide 4: Suggestion 3 with reason
e. Slide 5: Suggestion 4 with reason
f. Slide 6: Suggestion 5 with reason
g. Slide 7: Concluding slide. (Training notes should be at least 100 words for this slide.)
h. Slide 8: At least four references, using APA format. At least one Fortis Online Library resource must be used in your research to complete this assignment.

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