After reading the article American Credit Cards Improving Security With EMV, At Last, you will do your ‘3-2-1 paper’ on the content of the article.
To continue with good citation habits, you must mention the article as the source (*** important ***) of the information used in your response.

Here is the Format!!


Describe 3 items/points made in the article that surprised you (use 2 or 3 complete sentences for each item):





Describe 2 items of information/points made in the article that you did not really grasp, or completely understand (about the article content-again, use 2 or 3 complete sentences for each item):



Provide 1 question you would like to ask the author about the focus of the article (spend some time thinking about the article content and try to come up with a relevant question--hint—something like …“Do you like writing about credit cards?”… won’t cut it).

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1. EMV stands for a global standard for chipped cards, that presents higher protection for consumers and reduced fraud costs. US is one of the last countries that is transferring to EMV from simple magnetic stripe, which can easily be copied.

2. After the Target credit card breach US still believes that implementing EMV with chip and signature, and not necessarily PIN’s is confusing fact. After a situation like this, the highest security measures should be taken in order to ...
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